What is Anxiety

Anxiety to those who don’t suffer from it can be difficult to define and comprehend by those who do not suffer from it. Often people who don’t suffer from anxiety get irritated, frustrated and angry with anxious people, as if the anxious person is an attention seeker and ‘putting it on’. Often anxious people get […]

Top 10 Signs That You Have Anxiety

Anxiety is a normal part of everyday life. For example, we may feel anxious on a first date, during an interview or when speaking in public. For some people though anxiety takes over their lives to the extent that they almost always feel anxious to a greater or lesser degree. To say whether or not […]

Causes of Anxiety

There are many causes of anxiety. Usually the causes for an individual developing an anxiety disorder can be from any one of the following: Environmental factors. A stressful job that you simply cannot tolerate anymore is a major source of anxiety, as is being unemployed and trying to desperately seek employment. A toxic personal relationship […]

Common Anxiety Symptoms

Throughout my teenage years up until my mid thirties I experienced a variety of symptoms that I now know to be associated with anxiety. Some of these sensations were very frightening, ranging from a fast heart beat to excess sweating and frequent urination. All of these sensations can be explained due to the increased levels […]