How to Overcome Social Anxiety – Four Ways to Help You Beat Social Anxiety

Social anxiety can be a devastating and incapacitating issue for people who suffer from this condition. For instance, as a victim of social anxiety, you may be nervous or afraid to pay at the counters in cafeterias and supermarkets, you are frightened by crowds and groups of individuals, so you find it difficult to go to cinemas or bars.

Also, you may be afraid and nervous to go to your classes in college and standing up on the stage to take part in a conference or a play is just highly unlikely.

Needless to say, individuals who are sufferers of social anxiety disorder become gradually secluded as they get older. These people will have few buddies, and they are commonly described as loners or social outcasts. Sooner or later, they will miss several golden chances and benefits in life because of their social anxiety.

Hence, overcoming this anxiety disorder is an important task that many individuals who suffer from the condition should understand.

First Step – Go with Someone You Trust

Whenever you are in a certain social situation, such as a get-together or to a party or to a conference, where you will need to socialize with other people, and where you are aware that you surely feel uncomfortable, go there with a reliable friend who will make you feel relaxed and safe. That individual can be your partner or a close friend or your psychotherapist who will assure you and support you to reduce your anxiety.

Second Step – Observe the Situation

Every time you are in any social situation, you will succeed by checking the environments carefully just to know that there aren’t any physical dangers somewhere around you, which can scare you. Also, you should also consider the way you will react, for instance, increased pulse or heavy breathing, sweaty palms, and trembling. It is better to accept the fact that you are not comfortable in a certain social situation rather than trying to fight it, such situations will have a reduced effect on you.

Third Step – Reassure Yourself that You will be Fine

Anytime you are in a social situation, tell yourself that no matter what happens, you will definitely live on and you will enjoy your life and you will be alive even if you get really scared or uncomfortable. You need to reassure yourself that you are completely capable of surviving in such a situation and be strong. The persons around you aren’t monsters or ogres who can eat you up! These people are just normal individuals like you, and maybe, some of them usually have the same anxiety you experience too and are afraid of people and social situations just like you.

How to Overcome Social Anxiety – Forth Step

Remain in the social situation for like five minutes. If you are feeling too nervous, then you should leave the place instantly and go to a free space, calm yourself down and then try again. This will decrease your nervousness.

Overall, overcoming social anxiety is possible without prescription drugs and the steps explained above can work in social situations.